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yungrapunxel's Journal

9 April
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New username ---- Don't Bother.

These bitches know that I be on my black girl shit
The black girl pin-up with that black girl dip
With that black girl spin up on ya wack girl tip
Ain't official til I been up in that black girl kit
And put out ya mans and attack real quick
I'm a hit em with that venom and that rap girl hip
I flip out the denims know that black girl fit
Get that Remy in a did and hit that black girl switch
Bitches better tan for the summer
And for the haters,
Quit that chit-chat and get your paper
Quote the cinnamon and cherry melange bitch verbatim
When I speak about your face in the clams with the flavors
You get that?
And stimulate her
Take a lick up on my genital
And sit to savor
Do ya mans and his liquorice interest a favor